2000 Share Issue

Key Dates

Share Offer Reference Price

The reference price was 36E. The market price at the time of allocation was 43.29E and the exchange rate was fixed at 1.5816E to the .

Share Allocation

The 2000 Employee share issue was oversubscribed by a factor of 3.3. In total, 34,700 current and former employees in 16 countries applied for shares. About 70% of Thomson-CSF employees now own shares in the company. A scale back approach was implemented and administered by IRG (the independent trustees). Beneficial ownership of the shares passed to purchasers with effect from September 2000.

Scale-back Arrangements

For example, an application for 250 shares would result in 73 shares being allocated.

Breakdown of shares by formula

ThomExpress 20006%
ThomClassic 200025%
ThomPlus 2000 ThomClassic+ 200069%

Breakdown of shares by country

The following table is the breakdown of the 6,800 employees outside France subscribing to the share offer.

United Kingdom31%

Others includes South Africa, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Spain, United States, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Norway, Singapore and Switzerland.